Just a bit about…. Mary Summer Rain

17 Aug

Mary Summer Rain

Mary Summer Rain’s books are as popular as ever (we can never seem to get enough of them)! Even though this is the case we also introduce this author to many of our customers who don’t know of her work – and we’ve never had any come back saying they didn’t enjoy her books. So for all you lovely folks out there who aren’t familiar with Mary Summer Rain or her work here is a bit of information for you…

How’s this, my first bit of information to share about the author herself, is that there isn’t actually a lot of information available. Mary Summer Rain does love her privacy (fair enough if you ask me) so I will just share what I did find out. Mary Summer Rain is a descendant of a Native American Tribe, was born in 1945, and her last known address was in the Colorado mountains where she moved from Detroit to in 1977 after receiving an inspirational dream message to move her family there.

Her rise to fame came through the writing of her first series of books that followed her teachings from a blind Chippewa medicine woman that she called No-Eyes. They met after Mary Summer Rain, drawn to a particular place while driving, was sitting crying in the Colorado woods after finding out that the book she had submitted to a publisher wasn’t accepted. Mary Summer Rain was No-Eyes’, last student in this life time. They spent many days in a remote cabin up in the Colorado Mountains and became beloved friends as No-Eyes carried out her lessons of the Spirit and Mother Earth. You can tell through the writing of Mary Summer Rain how emotionally powerful these profound teachings were and the special interaction that their relationship allowed. The lessons that were learnt were about her Native American ancestry, beliefs and ceremonies, dreams, astral projection, the spirit realm, seeing into the future, learning how to kindly use Mother Earth for food and medicine, and so much more!

Mary Summer Rain’s writing style lets you be there with her in what she is seeing and experiencing, which I enjoyed. Rather than read your way through the book you tend to feel your way through the book (in my opinion anyway). In her books there is a lot of wisdom and knowledge interwoven into the interesting stories with a glorious back-drop of the Colorado Mountains. Each book (I say this because you will want to read more than one once you get started) will fascinate you in its own way.

So ‘where do I start?’ you ask, well if logic is your thing then Book One – Spirit Song is the way to go.

Followed by: Phoenix Rising, Dreamwalker, Phantoms Afoot, Earthway, Daybreak, and Soul Sounds.


She has many other books filled with short stories and readers Questions and Answers. Each book giving more and more information as Mary Summer Rain’s knowledge grows. She also has books especially for the special indigo and star children in your life. So, if this sounds a bit like you, or you would like to leave some interesting information about this author or her books, give your opinion on her books, or you would like more information, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment!

 Love, light and blessings, Helen


One Response to “Just a bit about…. Mary Summer Rain”

  1. Zellie February 13, 2011 at 7:23 am #

    About one year ago, I read all of Mary Summer Rain’s books from start to finish it took me about one month…I first read Spirit Song and No Eyes in 1993/1995 or so…a friend from an Edgar Cayce Search For God Group told me about them and shared them with me. I recognized the deep truth in them but was in no position to leave Texas…Today, all these years later, I still cannot go, aged beloved parents, and other family but I married late in life and my husband and I have bought 5 acres so we can return to nature in our own little place – nothing fancy, just trying to get out of the city life and try to share that with others. I told you all this so I could relate that when I picked up the books again in 2004 and again last year, each time, ..I was shocked at the changes that have come about and that were foretold by No Eyes through Mary Summer Rain…we are in those times…I think the books are heartbreaking but also heart inspiring…they are a guidepost to the changes that are upon us…where we are headed is such a better place than where we are right now…and I am not talking materially, but spiritually, and closer aligned with nature, God, and putting what is most important FIRST, family, each other, and respect for all life on earth. Well, I good write 10 pages on how great these books are…so go ahead and start with one…it’ll lead you on….This is the treasure you are seeking…

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